Tunne rintasi ry, Rintasyöpäyhdistys - Europa Donna Finland ry, Roche Oy ja Suomen Syöpäsairaanhoitajat ry järjestivät yhdessä rintaterveyttä ja rintäsyöpää käsittelevän seminaarin. Together for Breast Health - seminaari pidettiin SOSTEn viestintäpäällikön, Milla Halmeen vetämänä TerkkoHealth Hubissa lokakuussa 2019.

Päivä oli todella mielenkiintoinen. Puheenvuorojen matkassa päästiin kuulemaan mielenkiintoista tietoa niin Suomesta, kuin EU:sta. Vieraamme tulivat Milanosta, Dublinista ja Lontoosta. Vielä pääset mukaan tietoon ja tunnelmaan. Tallenteita voi käyttää opetuksessa tai muissa yhteyksissä. Tallenne aukeaa puhujan nimen kohdalta. Seminaarin kieli on englanti.

Koko tapahtuman tallenne on ladattavissa täältä. Yksittäiset puheenvuorot avautuvat klikatessa puhujan nimelle.

This seminar was an official side event of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

Opening words Tuula Helander
Tuula Helander,  Senior Specialist at Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Secretary General, Finnish Cancer Institute

Keynote speaker Susan Knox
Susan Knox, the CEO of Europa Donna - The European Breast Cancer Coalition. Susan speaks about Europa Donna’s role in advocating for screening programmes and the ECIBC (European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer) project https://ecibc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/

EUROPA DONNA - the European Breast Cancer Coalition is an independent non-profit organisation whose members are affiliated groups from countries throughout Europe. The Coalition works to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilise the support of European women in pressing for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment and increased funding for research. EUROPA DONNA represents the interests of European women regarding breast cancer to local and national authorities as well as to institutions of the European Union.

Comment by Tytti Sarkeala
Tytti Sarkeala, Senior researcher at Syöpärekisteri, The Finnish Cancer Registry

Keynote speaker Mary Harney
Mary is one of the experts behind the Index. She was the President of the EU Council of Ministers during Irish Presidency. She led the reform of cancer services by consolidating them to 8 specialist centres as Minister for Health and Children.

Comment by Anne Ylönen
Tunne rintasi is a non-profit organization that has promoted breast self- examination for early cancer detection since 1992. Although breast cancer is a serious disease, self-examination is something positive everyone can do for their health. We work relentlessly to make self-examination an ordinary routine, like brushing your teeth, for everybody. We are the number one expert in breast self-examination.

Comment by Anu Niemi
The Finnish Breast Cancer Association – Europa Donna Finland ry is a non-profit organization founded on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2005. Providing peer support to breast cancer patients is the most important role of the association. Every woman should have the opportunity to share her own experiences, feelings and thoughts with others who have also been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Research challenge Riikka Ikonen
Riikka Ikonen, Senior researcher : National Institute for Health and Welfare

Comment by Maria Vajavaara
Finnish Oncology Nursing Society started in 1986 to advance the professional knowledge of oncology nurses in Finland. The society supports professional abilities by organizing national oncology nursing educations and allowing its members to participate in international conferences. The biggest yearly event is a national oncology nursing educational days in Finland.

Keynote speaker Sophie Dopierala 
Sophie Dopierala comes from CoppaFeel!, which is a British association that promotes breast health and breast self-examination to young people. Coppafeel!'s mission is to ensure all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly. They do it by encouraging young people aged 18-29 to check their boobs regularly, know the signs and symptoms and feel confident noticing and
acting upon any changes.

Comment by Laura Hakala 
You will also hear a comment from us, Tunne rintasi ry - Know your breasts. We share the same goal and mission to improve the earlier diagnose for breast cancer and knowing your body. We target our breast health awareness work to a larger group (every 15+ years old) but have done also work targeted to young people.

Research challenge Deepandra Singh 
His research focused on breast symptoms. The main purpose was to find out whether women with breast symptoms reported at the mammography-screening visit have differential risks of breast cancer diagnosis, breast cancer mortality and false positive results as compared to asymptomatic women. There was very little evidence on cancer risk in women who report symptoms.

Summary comments from participators: How will we commit .